"I think access is really the core value proposition because the community that Argyle is able to bring together is unusual in its strength. They offer an environment that provides the appropriate level of access without being overly sales-ey."
— Josh Mait, CMO, Relationship Science

"Networked Insights has new customers that we met at Argyle events. The team at Argyle is without peer as a result of the people that they attract and the way that they make sure that their sponsors really have quality time in an environment that's intimate enough that you can have meaningful conversation."
— Tom Hartman, Head of Sales & Marketing, Networked Insights

"We appreciate that Argyle gives us a number of avenues to reach our prospects, from their full-day forums to custom meetings, and even driving attendance to our own events. They are a great partner, collaborating with us to meet our needs and always offering unique value-add services to maximize results."
Anthony Raftery, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Ariba, An SAP Company 

"Argyle's professional approach attracts true C-Level executives and creates the most effective networking environment I've seen. With their outstanding pre-event communication leading up to attentive support onsite, I was able to meet virtually all of my targets. It was refreshing that the attendees were eager to speak with sponsors and even asked for introductions!"
— Martha Diaz, Senior Account Executive, Workday

"Argyle forums are unparalleled when it comes to overall quality and impact. The organizers work with our team to ensure that we're meeting our marketing objectives and achieving real value. The events always attract top-tier attendees - we know that we'll be interacting with the buyers we want to influence."
— Ben Collins, VP Product Marketing, Corporate Development, Intralinks

"Moderating a session allowed us to demonstrate our industry leadership and expertise on eDiscovery process and efficiency. Our sales team appreciated the added exposure when networking with attendees."
— Debora Motyka Jones, Director of Product Strategy and Counsel, Lighthouse eDiscovery

"Working with Argyle the last two years has been exceptional. Argyle takes the time to cater to us to create the best sponsorships that suit our needs. My team loves attending their events because not only are they surrounded by the right audience, but they are able to build relationships with the delegates and partake in highly innovative and educational sessions. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our valued relationship with Argyle."
— Ari Pereira, Senior Marketing Manager, Coupa

"Argyle has been an excellent partner over the past year, and my team wants to support every event possible. Personally, I love it when our senior leadership experiences Argyle's approach and realizes just how great your team is to work with. And that is consistent feedback! At your events, we're making the right connections to drive our market growth."
— Bill Howell, Director, Jive Software